When someone says they will travel to Curitiba there is always someone advising them to bring a coat, an umbrella, sunglasses and light clothing. This is one of the certainties of the city, because you can witness the sensations of the four seasons in one day.

However, this is not the only advice that can be given to the traveler. He can also be informed that he must land in Curitiba with the eyes of those who will know a scenario where people, the environment and urban space live in an organized way.

Thus, the very functioning of the city was transformed into a tourist attraction, which, together with the establishment of a specific infrastructure to receive tourists, Curitiba is prepared to receive tourists and inform in all letters: feel at home and discover all that this amazing city has to offer!

Why visit Curitiba?

Cultural programming to enjoy the whole year;
Multiethnic city, allows to know various cultures in one place;
Enjoy activities from all segments of tourism, including Metropolitan and Coastal Region;
Several attractions that are reference in architecture and design.

Find out why the whole world pays praise to this city.