Barigui Park

Barigüi Park In native language even before Curitiba’s foundation, Barigüi meant “River of the Thorny Fruit”. Currently with 1.4 million of square meters, it is one of the city’s largest park and undoubtedly the most popular. The ancient “property-sesmaria” belonged to Mateus Martins Leme was transformed into a park in 1972.

Not only the local residents and tourists enjoy the park, native animals such as Preás, socós, white herons, skunks, tico-ticos, sabiás among many others inhabit Barigüi Park. Many equipment are available to the public: barbecue facilities, kiosks, bicycle off-road tracks, airplane models runway, sport courts, gymnastics equipment, parking lots, restaurants, Car Museum, Exposition and Convention Center, Steam Train Station and Municipal Environment Headquarters building.


Adress: BR 277 – Rodovia do Café, km 0 – Santo Inácio.

Phone: +55 (41) 3335-2112.

Automobile Museum: +55 (41) 3335-1440 – Open Daily – 14pm at 17pm / Saturday and Sunday – 10am at 12am and 14pm at 18pm

Ticket: R$3,00 for person.