Inaugurated in 1996, this woods have several facilities that reminds and promotes German’s traditions. The woods has 38 thousand square meter of native vegetation that belonged to Schaffer’s family farm. The replica of an ancient wooden church with neogotic details, built on 1933 in the region of bairro Seminário, has a concert hall called Bach’s Oratory.

Other attractions are the João and Maria’s track that tells the Grimm’s brothers story, a Children’s Library, The Philosopher’s Tower, a wooden structure that allows a panoramic view of the city, Serra do Mar mountains and the Germanic Poetry Square, with a reproduction of Mila’s House front, a German building from the beginning of the last century originally located downtown.


Address: Rua Niccolo Paganini, esquina com Franz Schubert – Vista Alegre (Jardim Schaffer).

Phone: +55 (41) 3568-1087.

Opening hours: Bosque – diariamente das 6h às 20h / Biblioteca – diariamente das 9h às 17h / Hora do Conto – Sábados, domingos e feriados às 11h, 14h e 16h.