Wire Theater – Stone Quarries Park Paulo Leminski

The Wire Theater with its tubular structure and transparent roof it is one of Curitiba’s emblematic symbols. Inaugurated in 1992, it gives place to all kinds of events, from pop to classic and has capacity for 1648 spectators.

Surrounded by lakes, native vegetation and cascades in a singular landscape, it belongs to the Stone Quarries Park and so does the Cultural Space Paulo Leminski , where staging of the Passion of Christ and other important events take place since 1989. It is able to accommodate 20.000 people. In the magic night of April 4, 1993 the place was a stage for the concert of the famous tenor José Carreras and the Brazilian Symphonic Orchestra to celebrate Curitiba’s 300th Anniversary.


Adress: Street João Gava, s/n°. – Abranches.

Phone: +55 (41) 3355-6071/ 3355-6072.

Open: Tuesday at Sunday – 08am at 22pm.